Investment in the LED Science and Technology
In order to deeply look into the cutting-edge LED technology, ledii has spared no expense and pains to invite the specialists,

experts and professors to join ledii, and introduce advanced management concepts and methods.

Whats more, ~5% of annual turnover funded into the related activities and still increased year by year

Working Team of Technology Human Resource
Ledii R&D centre has integrated 25 full time technical backbones representing the highest level of ledii.

They consists of engineers and technicians in the LED technology update, process development, product

development, equipment research, manufacture research, mechanical design, electrical design, optical design,

thermal management as well as software programs. With rich experience and abundant expertise in their own fields they work together as a strong team to figure out ideas on the latest LED technology, research and develop

new products, standardize the process and product, improve production procedures and testing methods,

feedback market demands and trends etc.

R&D and Testing Facilities
Ledii has successively introduced complete range of R&D and laboratory equipment. They include advanced

Auto-SMT machine, auto-soldering wave machine, advanced encapsulation machine, bin and color machine,

opto-electrical test device, light and optical spectrum analysis device. Ledii also invested for inspection and testing

instruments to meet the inspection standards requested by customers such as impact resistance test,

environmental resistance test, IP rating test, mechanical test, optical performance test and safety voltage test etc.

The laboratory is able to conduct its tests in compliance with standards of CE, RoHS, FCC etc

Production-Study-Research Balance
R&D center plays an important role in scientific and technical study, research and development, production,

also shoulder the responsibility to transform the science and technology into the realization of production.

Because of that reason, ledii has established cooperative partnerships with universities, research centers,

academic institutes, organizations, unions etc