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1. 2216SMD Series LED strips

2216SMD is a new type of SMD lamps, 0.22mmx0.16mm size. Similar output as 3528SMD, but much more compact size, ideal for flexible and concealed design. Now you can choose 2216SMD 60LED, 120LED, 204LED and 300LED as light source without no spot and shadow inside your Aluninum profile.


- 12V or 24V

- 4.8W, 9.6W, 16W, 24W options.

- 2700K, 3500K, 4500K, 6500K

- CRI80 and CRI90

- 120deg. beam angle

- 5-8lm per lamp

- Dimmable by 0/1-10V, Dali, DMX

- 3 years warranty

- CE RoHS compliant.